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The Family that Sprinters Together, Stays Together

May 18, 2020 6:28:03 AM

Two months ago, the COVID virus rudely interrupted our world. So many elements of our life were put on hold due to the unprecedented changes and challenges. We were shocked and scared as everything seemed to disappear…our jobs, schools, restaurant visits, entertainment, vacations, and of course, toilet paper!

Fortunately, while marooned in our houses, we rediscovered the joy of the simple pleasures that many of us had forgotten or had been too busy to participate in. Making real meals together, baking bread, playing games, getting exercise, and maintaining our connections to others through technology became the focus of our days. These things got us through and showed us that life goes on.

The jolt from all these losses combined with the new focus on family togetherness allowed us to gain a new perspective which encouraged us to reevaluate most every element of our lives. Importantly, we no longer took anything for granted.

As we reclaim those missing portions of our life, we need new tools to navigate this changing landscape. Because we are on the cusp of summer, many people are wondering what to do about the family vacation that just fell through.

Do you really want to jump on a plane? Does that European vacation or trip to Hawaii still feel like the right choice? Maybe it is time to use that new perspective we gained and the lessons we just learned to plan a far better vacation.

My recommendation is to rediscover this vast, beautiful country by Sprinter. Other great minds have figured this out; an article I read today mentioned that RV rentals are up 650%! This past weekend I heeded the call, packed my 4x4 Sprinter, and headed to the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona. I had a blast and came home refreshed and restored. In stark contrast to standing in line and following all the rules and regulations here in town, I was delighted to be able to do whatever I wanted to do in a mostly empty mountain range. I felt like a kid again.



A Mountain View Sprinter becomes your roving home and an open door to freedom. A Sprinter vacation can cost far less than traditional trips by minimizing or eliminating hotel stays. You avoid the expenses and hassles of restaurants because you can make great, healthy meals in your own kitchen. Fuel is currently at historic lows. And so many beautiful destinations are free or very inexpensive.

Visits to our stunning State and National Parks are a breeze in a Mountain View Sprinter. They fit into far more sites than a large RV. Your days will be filled with wonder and new experiences. Better still is that when the afternoon shadows lengthen, you no longer must miss that gorgeous sunset to fight the crowds at restaurants and hotels in town. Instead, you can relax, see the twinkling stars above your campfire, sleep snug in your Sprinter, and wake to a lovely sunrise and chirping birds.




Perhaps best of all is that the very essence of your vacation changes. In contrast to the tedium and dangers of air travel, a Sprinter vacation starts the moment you leave home. You make your own itinerary. When you see something interesting, just stop and explore! This is all about your priorities, not what works best for some tour company, hotel, or theme park.




A Sprinter shifts the vacation’s central focus towards family unity. The relaxed nature of the trip and self-sufficiency of van travel mean you have quality time with your children. Teamwork is encouraged and rewarded. Similarly, couples often find that a road trip has the marvelous tendency to encourage better communication, understanding, and yes, romance.

Another benefit for families is that it is so easy to bring your pets. The high-tech, solar-based electric system of a MVAV Sprinter allows you to operate the air conditioner or heater when parked. That gives you peace of mind while Fido or Fluffy the cat stays comfy in your Sprinter during that much-anticipated trip to the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine in Kansas. (Hmm…maybe Fluffy SHOULD go in with you after all!)



You can also bring along more cool stuff than on a traditional vacation. Bikes and other sporting equipment encourage exercise and family unity. (And by bringing your own gear, you neatly eliminate the rental costs you’d have if you flew off somewhere.)





A sneaky perk of Sprinter vacations is that if you choose to add in a short visit to quirky Aunt Mary or chatty Cousin Charley, you now have an excuse to avoid that awkward sleep-over. Instead of trying to squeeze the family into their home, just park your Sprinter right outside and enjoy the only good form of “Social Distancing!”


During your trip you will find yourself and your family changing. Tensions dissolve as simple pleasures and outdoor experiences replace video games and Snapchat. You’ll actually enjoy family time again!


As well, time in Nature helps kids understand the value and fragility of our world and the necessity of being responsible stewards. A MVAV Sprinter also minimizes your impact on the environment because of its solar panels, battery system, and fuel efficiency. Vacations in Sprinters help teach mindfulness and conservation because of the required awareness of water levels, solar charge/battery levels, achievable daily distances, and trip logistics such as the restocking of food, fuel, and water. But don’t worry, your kids won’t realize this is actually educational because they will be having way too much fun.

Take life back. Make your family stronger. Explore the world in a Mountain View Adventure Sprinter and have your best vacation yet!

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Elliot


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Stephen Vivona

Written by Stephen Vivona